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Setting: The beginning of an apocalypse in a big city. Groups have formed to try to contain the threats but they can only do so much. The demons come from another world and threaten to rip the lives of the citizens of Edenborough apart. Written in 2013-ish.


I couldn’t tell you exactly why I felt safe with this man that I hadn’t even known for twenty four hours but it might have had something to do with the fact that he’d saved my life. Ethan drove slowly, probably trying to limit our time with his raunchy brother. I hadn’t quite warmed up to Evan as I had Ethan yet. Something about his sexual comments and bad first impressions.

Not being able to bear the silence any longer I reached over and turned on the radio. I didn’t ask. I figured if he didn’t like it he could kick my ass out and make me walk. When he didn’t complain I just let it stay on the station it was on, some rock station that I’d never listened to before. He seemed perfectly content and a part of me was thrilled by that. Hmm, who knew that I could live making other people happy. Then a thought struck me. “What made you pick nursing?” THe radio wasn’t so loud that we couldn’t hear each other.

He glanced over at me and then back at the road. A tiny smirk splayed across his lips. “Do you really want to know?”

I eyed him cautiously and nodded.

“I’m not a good killing machine like my brother. He has no second thoughts but me… well, I do. Even if a demon is chasing me down, threatening me, and trying to kill me I always hesitate at least a little. They were all human at one point or another, some not so long ago. I want a way to save them, not send them to their graves for something that isn’t their fault.”

I nodded slowly, mulling it over in my mind. I didn’t have a response for that. Instead I looked it him out of the corner of my eye and nodded.

He looked at me with his bright blue eyes, all the humor and happiness returning. “What about you? Why bookkeeping? Why not traveling the world or becoming an author?”

I snorted. “Right, me, something meaningful. That’s cute.” Bitterness aside I continued on. “It fell into my lap really. I had worked at that bookstore for years. I started while I was still in school. One of the office ladies retired so they wanted to train me to fill in temporarily. Here I am six years later.” I mused. “Not many people have life stories as boring as mine.”

“And yet here you are.” He stated simply. No elaboration, no explanation, no reason.

I turned in my seat and looked at him. “What do you mean by that?” We were nearly to the house and our conversation was winding down but I certainly didn’t want it to.

“You defended a group of mothers and their children, got attacked by a demon and lived to tell the tale.” As we pulled up in front of the house he put it in park and stared at me. “Not many people have stories as interesting as yours.”

I didn’t say anything until we got out of the car. Something about that irked me but I had no idea why.. Maybe I was still in denial about the whole demon thing or something. Before I pushed the door open I stopped on the step and turned to wait for him. “Thank you.” I said simply, holding up the bag in my hand. He nodded and grinned at me. I pushed the door open, ready for Evan to have some snide comment about us being gone and alone together. Instead we didn’t find him in the living room.

Ethan turned to me as soon as he checked the kitchen. “Evan probably went to bed. He didn’t have a nap like we did.”  I stood awkwardly in the middle of the living room, bag of goodies in hand. “Take my bedroom.” When I opened my mouth to protest he raised a hand. “You have to work in the morning. I do not. I insist.”

Flustered, and not entirely pleased with him I made a face.

He looked at me expectantly. “What are you waiting for? It’s nearly 11:00. You need to sleep.”

Some part of me had a sick sense of humor. THat part of me took over for all of five seconds. “We can share the bed. I mean, it’s big enough.”

He shook his head as he leaned in the doorway of the kitchen. Meow, Talk about modeling career. “Go to bed my dear Erin. You need to at least rest.”

That stupid part of my brain was still in high gear. “Are you gay?” There’s one way to make you hate yourself..

Ethan looked a bit shocked at first then that damn smirk made an encore appearance. He sautered closer and closer to me, much like an animal stalking its prey. Close enough to feel the heat of his body, he finally stopped. “I assure you,” he took a breath,  “that I am very much not.”

He cupped a cheek in either hand and pressed his lips to mine, igniting a fire that hadn’t been lit in a very long time. His actions were controlled and almost calculated but still enough to sweep me off my feet. I felt the cold air of the room reach my face again all too soon. “Go.”


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